Jeeptour Georgien, Abanopass
Jeep tour Georgia, Abano pass

A guided road trip in which we travel to the most beautiful regions of Northeast Georgia by SUV. You can sit behind the wheel or switch with your fellow passengers and enjoy the ride and the scenery.

The tour will take you to the remote Georgian steppe- and mountain landscapes that will be reached safely and in good company.

– The steppe region with David Garedji
– The Georgian Military Road from Tbilisi to the Darial Gorge
– To Sameba church on Mount Kazbek
– To the picturesque villages Zdo and Juta
– Into the wine region of Kakheti
– Over the Abano pass at 2866 meters in the beautiful alpine region Tusheti with spectacular landscapes and challenging roadways

And of course, we will also explore Georgia’s lively and vibrant capital Tbilisi. This will be the start and finish of our tour

We will completely organize your trip, including vehicles, insurance, accommodation and all meals. We’ll make sure you won’t miss any of the sightseeing highlights on the way.

Fuel for the vehicles is not included. All you need is around EUR 100,00

For comfort reasons we advise no more than 4 persons per vehicle

Vehicles: Medium SUV, different models. For example, Nissan Pathfinder, Toyota 4Runner, Mitsubishi Pajero or similar all-wheel drive
Liability insurance and comprehensive insurance without excess

Terrain: roads and driving slopes, dirt roads. Occasionally we will cross shallow creeks and rivers. Uphill and downhill even in poor visibility conditions such as rain or fog. Due to weather and road conditions, especially in the mountains, caution is required

Weather:  The summer period July through September is subtropical with daytime temperatures ranging from 18 C to 35 C depending on altitude. The mountains have their own character and therefore you should also be prepared for rain and cold snaps. We can send you clothing recommendations upon request

Visa is not required for most nationalities – you  travel with your passport to Georgia

Duration:  10 days
Arrival and departure:
to / from Tbilisi

If desired, you can extend your trip. We can assist you with booking your accommodations and your car rental

Great for: people with good driving experience, who like to drive in teams through different landscapes in any weather and with any road conditions and who have no problems with altitudes of 1500 – 3000 meters. We will accommodate you in small local family hotels and guest houses at altitudes of up to 2,100 meters (in Tusheti)

Travel dates 2015:  Jeep Tour Greater Caucasus / Eastern Georgia

04.07. – 13.07.2015
01.08. – 10.08.2015
15.08. – 24.08.2015
05.09. – 14.09.2015

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Route Jeeptour Georgien Großer Kaukasus
Route Jeep tour Georgia Greater Caucasus

Travel program

Day 1 Arrival in Tbilisi, sightseeing, welcoming evening
(First night’s stay in the hotel the day before the tour starts is included)
Tbilisi is larger than many visitors think at first and home to at least 1.5 million of about 4 million Georgians in total. Together we will explore the historical part of town, take the cable railway up to the Narikala fortress and give you an introduction into the history, country and people. You will encounter Georgian churches, Armenian churches, a Jewish synagogue, the remains of a fire temple, a mosque and a Catholic church all within a one kilometer radius. Tolerance and hospitality is famous throughout the whole Caucasus. To let you get a taste of that there will be a warm welcoming night in a Georgian restaurant where you’ll get acquainted with the “Tamada”. All accompanied by the famous Georgian food, great wines and good spirits.

Tbilissi - Tiflis, man sagt es sei eine Stadt der Liebe
Tbilisi – they say it is the city of love

Day 2 A trip through the steppes to David Garedji
During this trip you’ll experience a constant change of scenery. We will encounter the largest car bazaar of the Caucasus on the industrial wastelands of the city of Rustavi before we get to a hilly steppe region, abandoned by God and humanity. During the Middle Ages the solitude of the wilderness was used by Georgian monks. They lived in caves and were regionally an important factor as they had livestock and produced wine. The gravel roads around David Garedji are a great challenge and a fun experience to use the SUV to its full. Overnight stay in Mtskheta, which was Georgia’s capital until the 6th century . Hotel. Driving distance 220 km

Jeeptour Georgien - wilde freie Weite in der Steppe bei David Garedji
Jeep tour Georgia – wild free open in the Steppe near David Garedji

Day 3 Drive on the Georgian Military Road to Dshvari, Ananuri, Cross Pass, Stepantsminda, Sameba Church
From Mtskheta we’ll be driving north on the Georgian Military Highway. Originally this was a mule trail connecting the countries north and south of the Greater Caucasus . In the 19th century Russian military improved it to be able to transport heavy guns and artillery hence the name “Gruzinskaia voennaia doroga” (Georgian Military Road). We’ll get through Ananuri and Pasanauri with spectacular views on the landscapes. The panoramic platform just before the Cross Pass will give you an impression of the beauty of country. The winding roads over the Cross Pass will be a great challenge for every driver. From here we are, geographically speaking, in the North Caucasus. From here it’s not far to Kazbegi (now called “Stepantsminda” again since this was the original name). That’s where we’ll have our off-road paradise. Overnight in Stepantsminda, hotel. Driving distance around 200 km

In der Darialschlucht nach Norden entlang des Tereks geht es bis zur Georgische-Russischen Grenze, dann drehen wir wieder um
Daryal gorge – the Georgian Military Road is getting close to the Russian border

Day 4 Darial Gorge and Tsdo. Tevdoraki Glacier, Sno Valley and Juta
North of Stepantsminda we’ll be driving through a daunting wide gorge where the river Terek rushes to the north. The Darial Gorge is named after the Alans horsemen, whose dominion began in the steppes of the North Caucasus from here up to the north. The gorge’s narrowest point is now the Georgian-Russian border crossing and still called “Darialani – the Gate of Alans”. The rockfaces are formed so close to each other that it was an ideal place to defend themselves against enemies and intruders. From here we’ll turn around and drive high up into the mountains to the Tevdoraki glacier which is an offshoot of Kasbeks. We’ll see the picturesque village of Tsdo, go through the beautiful Sno Valley to Juta, which is with its elevation of 2214 meters one of the highest permanently inhabited villages in the Caucasus. Return to Stepantsminda, accommodation in Stepantsminda. Driving distance around 120 km

Ein Hirte grüßt freundlich
A shepherd is greeting us

Day 5 Trip to the wine region of Kakheti via Jinvali-Tianeti-Akhmeta to Ikalto
We’ll be heading south over the Cross Pass again. We’ll take a left at the Jinvali dam, cross several lower passes near Achmetha to end up in the beautiful fertile valley of Alasani,the famous wine region of Kakheti. We’ll be driving endless chestnut trees flanked avenues and make a stop at a nice place to taste the famous Georgian shashlik. In the evening we will try the kakhetian wines or the exquisite Georgian beers. Overnight stay in Ikalto. Driving distance 220 km

Der Fahrweg zum Abano-Pass nach Tuschetien
The road to Tusheti

Day 6 To Tusheti, Alaverdi and over the Abanopass to Omalo
Today we’ll take the breathtaking pass road up to the Abano pass in the lonely Tusheti region, which is one of the most beautiful regions of the Caucasus. The road narrows quickly and in tight turns we’ll pass dark wooded canyons and cascading waterfalls. At about 2300 meters we’ll leave the tree line behind us and we’ll be driving along the rugged slopes towards the Abano pass. The pass is named after the hot mineral spring. The word Abano means ‘bath” so the 2866 meter high pass to Tusheti means “Bath Pass”. On the pass we’ll have a panoramic view to the north with ranges of high mountains; Tusheti. The next one and a half hours to Omalo will be excitingly challenging and demanding, framed by constantly changing landscapes of mountains, canyons, rocks, stones, old avalanches and shattered trees. Finally we’ll reach the first fortified towers and small villages. We’ve made it to Omalo. Overnight in Omalo. Driving distance is 120 km

Auf der Straße nach Omalo
On the road to Omalo

Day 7 Omalo – Dartlo- Girevi- Cesho
The Tush are Georgians, but no one exactly knows when they migrated into these valleys – it must have been ages ago. The many flocks of sheep show us that sheep farming is their main occupation next to tourism. The Tush are known for their wisdom, courage, agility and their beautiful singing. Among the shepherds you’ll also find many poets and philosophers. Traditionally, they have defended the land to the northeast against the Dido (Chechens) and the Lekebi (Dagestan). The village of Dartlo will show you a typical Tush village with the fortified towers. We’ll drive the varied canyon up to Girevi where we will be enchanted by the scenery and the Tush people. Overnight in Dartlo. Driving distance 60 km

Kühe und Schafe haben Vorfahrt in Tuschetien
Meeting cows on the road is very normal

Day 8 Cesho – Jvarboseli
Today we’ll be going over the Mirgvela pass into the remote valley of Tusheti-Alasani where we may see a few locals and some tourists. This valley is known to be one of the most beautiful spots in the country. Jvarboseli is far away from everything and a great spot to leave the western-world problems behind you. Overnight stay in Jvarboseli. Driving distance 60 km

Abendstimmung in Jvarboseli, Tuschetien
Evening in Jvarboseli, Tusheti

Day 9 Jvarboseli – Ikalto (goodbye party)
Tusheti will have found a permanent place in your heart by now. We’ll visit a restored fortified tower in Omalo. Again we’ll go over the Abano pass and experience the valleys and natural wonders of fog, hail, sun and rain from a different perspective. The descent to Kakheti requires maximum concentration and skill. Return to Ikalto. Here we celebrate a hearty farewell party and we can share our experiences over a great Georgian dinner and beautiful wines . Driving distance 160 km

Day 10 Ikalto – Telawi- Gombori- Tbilisi
Visit to the picturesque farmers bazaar in Telavi, where we can taste fruit, cheese and local delicacies. The bazaar is full of photo opportunities and the farmers are just as curious about us as we are about them. We’ll go over the Gombori pass at 1690 meters then through the picturesque landscapes of the Caucasian mountain range back to Tbilisi. Return of the car. Evaluation of the journey in a nice cafe. Driving distance is 140 km

End of the journey or individual extension

Our Services

Travel arrangements
All transfers from / to Tbilisi
Car rental for 1-4 people including liability insurance and comprehensive insurance without excess.
Support vehicle technicians and spare parts
Jeep Tour reserved as per program with English speaking guide, minor changes especially in severe weather conditions
All accommodation in standard local small hotels and guest houses in double room
2 nights accommodation in Tbilisi Hotel 2-3 *
1 night in Mtskheta, Hotel 2-3 *
2 nights in Stepantsminda, Hotel 2-3 *
2 nights in Ikalto, Hotel 2-3 *
1 night in Omalo, local guest house
1 night in Dartlo, local guest house
1 night in Jvarboseli, local guest house
All meals, breakfast, snack or picnic, dinner

Price per person:
EUR 900.00 (four in the car)
EUR 1100.00 (as a couple in the car)
EUR 1300.00 (as a single driver in the car)

Fuel is not included. This trip will need approximately 2,5 tanks of fuel worth EUR 100,00

Single room supplement (only possible in Tusheti) EUR 175.00

(For families or groups of friends discounts are available, just ask!)

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    More photos

    Fahrpiste bei David Garedji
    Near David Garedji
    Georgien, am Kloster David Garedji
    Georgia, at  David Garedji monastery
    Oberhalb der Darialschlucht beim Dorf Zdo
    Near village Zdo
    Passstraße am Abanopass
    At Abano pass
    ... das die Schäferhunde uns mal ankläffen, gehört auch dazu.
    angry shepherd dogs
    Auf unserem Weg begegnen wir immer wieder Herden
    Bei großen entgegenkommenden Fahrzeugen dauert es mancmal einige Minuten bis man eine gute Stelle zum Rangieren gefunden hat
    Russian truck KAMAZ
    Picknick in einer Schäferhütte
    Lunch in a Shepherds hut
    Landschaft bei Girevi
    Near Girevi
    In Tuschetien
    In Tusheti
    Esel und Schafe, Tuschetien
    Donkey and sheep
    Feiernde Tuschen am Abanopass
    Lunch at Abano pass
    Im Kaukasus
    In the Caucasus
    Enjoy !